Different Beaches in different states in Australia

All beaches have their own uniqueness. However, if you do not have plenty of time, I would suggest you to visit beach 1-3 below.

1. Bondi Beach (Sydney)

2. Great ocean (Melbourne)

3. Gold Cost ( Brisbane, Queensland)

4. Sunshine Coast

5. Batemans Bay

6. Moruya

7. Mordialloc

8. Bribie Island, Woorim


The Philippines….

The Mall of Asia, the biggest mall in Asia

The fast food, Jollibee, The Filipino brand

Jeepney, initiated by Filipino


Boodle Fighter, traditional food

Traditional cuisines ( pig blood..)

Local snack ( Roast pig skin)

Local noodles

Local seafood

Local green mango with scrimp paste, and green mango juice

Local market

Banana spring rolls

Purple sticky rice

Pili nuts

Green coffee

Young coconut




Universities and colleague

Quezon Circle Memorial

The Bay which is close to the Mall of Asia

The park in Manila City

The wall city in Manila city

Mom’s Ermie’s province

Family time

Feel Democratic …aa

One island Arts, Manila

Venice in Manila

Manicure and pedicure


My Moms Are My Hero

My moms are like stars who always be with me. My mom Armie is my best friend ever. We have almost the same taste, and the same like and dislike. We always enjoy our accompany no matter where we are. I have been living with her almost a month. Mom has exposed me to the way of Filipino’s culture and ways of living. She brought me to different places both at the provinces and the cities. I feel like I am Filipino now. I just can’t speak the language. I will miss my mom, brother Ate(s) and Kuya very much. They are kind and very nice people. I am always enjoy being with them, to communicate with them. I get chances to smile and laugh lots. Mom and Ate (s) are really look younger than their ages. It is so touching when each Ate asked me in different time on “ When will I come back again?” And so does Kuya. Mom also tells me come any times when I want. Ate and mom said I should stay for Christmas and New Year. Mom, brother, Ate(s) and Kuya really make me miss them more and more. I have never thought that I got such warm love from them. I really feel love and care from them especially from mom. I feel like I live with my birth family.

Deep thanks to everyone for your love and caring. Big thanks to mommy who is my best friend, my best mom and my hero. You have inspired me lots. Thanks for your support always. Thanks for your empowering to be much stronger woman. Thanks for teaching me on how to deal with different people especially with my verbal communication. Thanks for knowing me best on what I like and dislike. Thanks for always praying for me. Since I have met my mom, my life has changed massively interm of personal and professional growth. I love you very much mommy. I know you always be with me no matter how far we are from each other after I leave the Philippines.

At last, special thanks to brother Jigs who are very patient and taking mommy and I around the cities even when we are in a very terrible traffic jam.

Ps. I got very inspired when I get to know the background of all Ate(s) too. My mom is an expert on strategic plan for UN Women Ate Sonia is an engineer, Ate Marilyn is a weather forecast expert, Ate Tilit is a lecturer at the university, Ate Ali got PhD in Mathematics. 11




Astonishing with the Philippines

I would like to share some of my experiences outside my official work  as a delegate to attend YSEALI Youth Summit, ASEAN Youth Forum and Human Rights training in the Philippines. I have never thought that the Philippines has developed this much based on my experience to travel to 10 ASEAN countries until I have experienced it by myself.

There are four international airports in Manila, wowww! From the airport to my destination (Napocor Village in Quezon City), taxi passed several big cities such as Manila, Quezon City, Makati City,  and Pasay. Along the way from those cities, the area that I am living as well as the province that I went, the roads are clean which meant the litters management is very good. I am very impressed about it.

There are many skyscrapers which reminds me about my time in New York. I have taken several pictures, but they are not in good quality so I have decided to get a few pictures from Google to show you.


Skyscrapers in Makati city. It was taken by me when I was on the way to Tayabas City which is several hours by car.

Bonifacio Global City

Bonifacio Global City

Photo credited: Google


Pic. Google


Skyline of Makati at night ( pic. google)

University campus are huge not only in the cities, but also at the province. I am so blessed to get chance to see some parts of the countries during my traveling.

I have learned many things by staying with my mom. Live, eat, do what the local are doing. There are plenty of things to learn. That is one of  the main reasons that people are suggested to home-stayed.


My favorite room ever at my mom’s house. My second home sweet home.


Breakfast time with mom and brother


One of the most popular local transportation in the Philippines. We can find Jeepney only here. It was invented by the Filipinos.


Jeepney in front of City Hall

Work out time (Zumba) at the The Quezon Memorial: It is a good attitude to have. Many senior citizens gather for Zumba where they met friends as well as they can hear good words about on how to live healthily from their friends and instructors. If it is Sunday, Mass will be conducted there which make life easy for people as well as people will not miss the time to pray.


The majority of people here are Catholic Christian. So people are going to church every Sunday. At the same time, they can attend MASS outside the church too. My mom and I attend this MASS too after our work out time.


MASS: Praying Time on Sunday


Boodle fight food is eaten by hands. It recalls me about Khmer at the old time. We also used hands to eat.


Traditional Filipino cuisine: Boodle fight food during YSEALI Summit


Local food and desserts, taken in Tayabas City


This is a birthday party of Kuya. The different practice from Cambodia and other countries is we will wear the color according to the color of Kuya likes. For example, Kuya like orange color so all the quest and family members will wear orange. It is not compulsory, but we are encourage to do so. It also happens happen in at the wedding party.  The best thing, I have learned from my mom’s family is they love and support each other very much. They are  friendly and respectful. Normally, Kuya speaks his local language, but in this occasion he speak English. Ate asked him, why does he speak English, he said Sinet is here and I cannot understand the local language. I am so impressed by him.  It really shows that he is so thoughtful and respectful.



Floating restaurant on the hill where we can get very good local food.


Born, sick and die, this is a circle of life. But the important thing is what have we contributed to our society and family. The way of practices here are completely different from Khmer-Chinese people in Cambodia. Khmer-Chinese visit the grave before Khmer New Year (sometime in March) with food, drink, paper clothing, money and gold to burn for the ancestors.  And another big program to worship ancestors at the pagoda is in the mid October every year. Whereas in the Philippines, they visit the grave at the end of October or in the beginning of November. They brought flowers and candles and they pray there. The tombs design are completely different. It is sad to see these pictures, but no one can live forever so we have to accept it. In one grave can accommodate many bodies. I saw five people’s name in one grave.

Oh! Most Cambodian people who are Buddhist, they go to temple every holly day while people here go to church on Sunday.









In the last two decades, climate change and global warming have harmed people and living things on earth noticeably. They have become alarming issues as well important agendas for the individuals and world leaders to discuss and find solutions to overcome these major problems. These problems result from increasing greenhouse gas especially Carbon dioxide (CO2) emission to the atmosphere. This emission is mostly from countries where there are a lot of industrial activities and manmade activities. Thus, a few important global conferences on climate change were initiated during the 1990s and the 2000s to prevent and alleviate greenhouse gas emission to the atmosphere.   Kyoto Protocol is an international treaty, started in 1997 aims to decrease greenhouse gas emission by the UN member states by 2005. According to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change in Bonn 2015 during Kyoto Protocol 10th Anniversary, these countries fail to achieve their goals. Thus, another commitment was agreed by many world leaders during Paris Agreement at the end of 2015 to deal with greenhouse gas emission by 2050. Base on Jotzo (2014), to overcome these negative impacts from climate change only if countries with high economic activities can decarbonise the increase in means surface temperature to 2 degree Celsius by 2050.

Australia is one of the countries where citizens rely heavily on CO2 to run their country. Therefore, it fell to achieve Kyoto protocol agenda.  However, Australia has become one of the countries that has committed in reducing greenhouse gas especially CO2 emission in its country. To achieve this, it is required a big change in lifestyle or great changes in the economic structure in Australia. According to Jotzo (2014), Australia has developed and implemented solid plans including four pillars to achieve its goals. Firstly, energy efficiency to improve and strengthen quality of efficient in all sectors. Secondly, low carbon electricity by replacing with nuclear power and renewable energy. Thirdly, electrification and fuel replacement by using low carbon electricity and low energy carriers and carbon fossil fuel instead of high carbon electricity. Lastly, no-energy emission by improving equipment for farming and implementing carbon capture and storage. These plans can be achievable if the government, investors and individuals of Australia work collaboratively to implement and monitor them.